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Quality accounting advice on issues in France and Germany

We provide the most extensive range of services:

  • Day to day accounts management
  • Drafting and filing annual financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Compliance to international accounting standards
  • Corporate consolidations

If your business is global in reach, you may need to reconcile your accounting systems and numbers against French or German standards. We are there for you.

Payroll management in France or Germany

Payroll management is complex and needs the greatest of attention in the country of declared employment. Complete familiarity with labour law and social security systems is fundamental.  We are specialist providers of these services to our French and German based clients.

Expert support:

  • Payroll management and compliance to regulatory and Social Security obligations
  • Company registration, employment administrative formalities
  • Support services including staff hiring and resignation procedures, maternity and holiday entitlement, etc.
  • Employee detachment abroad
  • Running advice on Social Security obligations, withholding taxes, personal and corporate tax issues
  • Drafting contracts of employment and labour law advisory services including lodging lawsuits before employment and other tribunals
  • Subscription to top-up insurance in France
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Graphic: Gründung

Starting a new company? Detachment of staff away from home? Working abroad?

We provide support and practical responses to your needs

  • Employees on detachment abroad
  • Hiring foreign workers
  • EU VAT registration
  • Registering a sales or contact office
  • Setting up a branch
  • Setting up an affiliate or subsidiary
  • Independent or spin-off company registration procedures

V&Z EuropeFides provides our clients with end-to-end support in France and Germany.

Our reach extends throughout Europe and beyond through the EuropeFides association. 

We domicile entities in Paris when set up under foreign jurisdictions, through our partner SERF EuropeFides .

Comprehensive legal advice in all areas of business law

V&Z EuropeFides provides effective support in the following fields

  • Optimising your company’s legal status
  • Drafing contracts of employment
    In Germany, we work with internationally recognised lawyers
  • Tax optimisation opportunities
  • Audits of corporate finance, verification of the soundness of your internal processes, compliance to Social Security obligations
  • Changes in company legal form/winding up procedures
  • Corporation tax and all forms of levy on business undertakings (headcount taxes)
  • VAT issues

International tax specialist SERF EuropeFides handles your company’s interests crossborder and ensures compliance to tax obligations, notably in regard to European VAT.

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Self-employed or sole trader?

Our highly-qualified support services and our grasp of complex issues provide the assistance you need in all matters of tax and Social Security:

  • Optimising options of sole trader status, administrative obligations in the tax and Social Security fields in Germany and France
  • Invoicing, tracking accounts receivable and payable, keeping and filing approved accounts
  • Tax and other Social Security mandatory returns
  • Tax and legal issues of cross-border operations
  • International VAT oligations.

Private financial advice

From our Paris headquarter, we offer private financial services in the following fields:

Personal finance:

  • Income tax, wealth tax,
  • Gifts and inheritance tax
  • Advice on cross-border tax issues
  • Other tax returns
  • International agreements for avoidance of double taxation
  • Communication with authorities
  • Real property ownership in France                       

In France, our partner company Gouvernance Management Conseil supports you through all aspects of property sale, acquisition and management.

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