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Our team

SERF EuropeFides and V&Z EuropeFides with our highly motivated teams are at your disposal. We listen before devising the solutions tailored to the needs of carefully assessed circumstances:

Founding Partner

Heinz Zillgens

Tax counsellor (Steuerberater)

Chair, SERF EuropeFides SAS, Paris

German-qualified accountant specialising in Franco-German commercial relations. Long experience in France as auditor and adviser to international business operators and founder of EuropeFides.

Heinz Zillgens

Béatrice Jeanmougin-Marzano

Qualified accountant / legal adviser

Chair, V&Z EuropeFides SAS, Paris

French chartered accountant with further qualifications in French law, draws on extensive experience in international business counselling, special interest in Franco-German issues.

Béatrice Jeanmougin-Marzano

Our associates

Our dynamic international team is made up of qualified and motivated staff working in a convivial environment.

Staff draw on several years of international experience and deal with client questions in fluent German, English and French.

The support we provide is grounded in close personal contact. We pride ourselves on our availability and unfailingly rapid response to questions raised.

Graphic: Teamwork


Graphic: Teammeeting

Your success is ours. And vice-versa. The quality and motivation of the human resources we bring to bear is your guarantee of personal and professional development.

Our recruitment is often internal. We hire people who go on to forge longstanding careers and add irreplaceable business experience to high academic qualifications. As a SERF associate, you take responsibility for challenging missions under the close oversight of experienced seniors. Work with SERF is a springboard to ulterior success and provides valuable exposure to a wide range of international consultancy tasks. We care for your future.


SERF is a regular recruiter of interns and of open-ended contracts.

Multilingual? Highly motivated? Looking for international experience?

SERF recruits enthusiastic individuals to work in flexibly constituted teams which support individual initiative and rely on frank and open exchange of views.

We are on the look-out for creative and original talent committed to serving the paramount interests of our clients.

Work opportunities are in Paris, Köln and in the tax consultancy office of V&Z EuropeFides SAS (Paris).

The EuropeFides International association opens up possibilities for moves worldwide!

Contact us to find out more about the fields that best match your interests and capabilities.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Graphic: Neuer Mitarbeiter

Information on long term job opportunities

We seek to work with highly trained staff having specialist qualifications in accounting, tax issues, finance and the law.

The skills you bring will be valued in the broad arena of the business services we provide.

We cover fields of specialist interest ranging from VAT to wider tax issues and more especially advisory services in the fields of wealth and asset management, inheritance and revenue planning, not forgetting issues of regulatory and legal compliance. Individual initiative is much valued within a framework of collegial supervision.

Join us for an enriching future!

If on the first rungs of your career, remember that we at SERF are deeply committed to supporting in-service training. We provide the environment you need to achieve your chartership and other personal qualifications.

So many possibilities of European travel and job fulfilment!

Information on internships

If you have more than 4 semesters of successful studies behind you in the fields of business management, accounting, taxation or audit, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Graphic: Praktikant

As an intern, you will be set to clearly identified tasks serving our clients in the fields of commercial and tax law, both national and international. This will be a valuable opportunity to familiarise yourself with background French and German regulations in these fields.

You will be introduced to specialist missions in the field of VAT management (returns, requests for reimbursement inside and outside France, corporate advisory services in cross-border trading fields).

Further tasks will bring you into contact with classic and often international tax advisory missions. You will learn how to process customs and other tax forms and become familiar with a wide range of administrative complexities.

As you acquire experience, you will grow in confidence and ability to work independently.

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Heinz Zillgens (Chair SERF EuropeFides)

Our partners

The capital city of France is home to our sister company V&Z EuropeFides SAS (Paris).

We work with SERF EuropeFides as providers of international tax consultancy services. Employment in France and Germany is open to you.

In Europe more generally, EuropeFides is an association of accountants, lawyers and statutory auditors covering the whole of the Continent. They work in close collaboration to provide the geographical and business reach needed by clients who seek a comprehensive European service of the highest quality, initiated by and coordinated through a single point of contact.

In response to rising demand from our clients, we have broadened our partnership approach to include Gouvernance Management Conseil, a specialist provider of services to individuals and companies in all fields of property management in France.

As a service provider to the global corporate marketplace, we naturally access the best qualified advice in numerous countries outside Europe. We achieve global reach wherever necessary by access to tried and trusted local expertise.

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